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The Artiphact aesthetic.

For the last decade, the artwork of photographer David Petr has been displayed across the United States in galleries, retail spaces and juried art competitions. The collection has evolved since 2008 to include objects of our collective past, discovered and captured with a modern lens, often out of context through the use an atypical size and color.


Micro-Edition Lustre Photographic Paper Prints

The most exclusive of the collection, micro-editions are typically limited to 10 signed and numbered prints in one size, and 3 signed and numbered prints in a second, larger size. Micro editions sell out the quickest within the collection and are priced accordingly. All prints are signed and numbered by the artist. Browse Micro Editions


Limited-Edition Lustre Photographic Paper Prints

Incredibly exclusive, limited editions are typically limited to 25 signed and numbered prints in one size, and 25 signed and numbered prints in a second, larger size. Limited editions at Artiphact are much smaller than those traditional photographers offer, and deliver incredible value. All limited-edition prints are signed and numbered by the artist. Browse Limited Editions


Open-Edition Metal Prints

From time to time, artist David Petr offers artwork in open editions, through a collection of metal prints that are unsigned and not numbered. These metal prints are an ideal way to begin collecting the Artiphact aesthetic. Throughout 2019, Petr will send a personal, handwritten note to the buyer, recognizing the authenticity and uniqueness of the artwork purchased. Browse Open Editions


ar-ti-phact [ahr-tuh-fakt]

noun – any object characteristic of an earlier time… discovered, captured and brought to life photographically


Receive Shift with your purchase in January.

Artist David Petr is celebrating the relaunch of Artiphact in 2019 with special surprises and rewards to his collectors, and the month of January kicks off a unique opportunity for his clients. To thank you for adding a new piece (or first piece) to your collection, David will send you a signed and numbered aluminum metal print (complete with float hanger for easy install) of Shift, in a 12 x 12 inch size. This high gloss, vibrant work of art is the result of photographing the keys of three typewriters, and compositing the best keys together in a unique composition.

Find your next piece in our micro editions, limited editions or open editions.