The Aesthetic


Part discovery and part photographic execution, the Artiphact aesthetic has evolved from its initial display in Austin, Texas in 2008 to today. Artist David Petr began searching for items that resonated with collectors of his artwork, encompassing objects from mid-century that embodied a classic, more simple era. Themes within the Artiphact aesthetic range from industrial and carnival to medical and travel. Starting with a vintage object, context is often changed with a size increase and subtle photo manipulation to accentuate highlights and energy in the art. All composition pieces are created with an obsessive approach, where individual items are first photographed, then retouched, then recomposited back together, delivering an incredibly sharp, ethereal look not found in common studio photography. The aesthetic is strengthened with an exclusivity philosophy, driving value to the collector. One-of-a-kinds and micro editions of thirteen prints are common in the Artiphact collection, and will remain so to maintain the allure of the art.


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